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By Adeselna Davies - 14:35

There were some authors who did not make my top too-many-books-this-year list that I still think deserve a mention. So if you did not make my best books but I still manage to enjoy your novels, chances are that you are on this “list”.

Carina Rosa

Most of you don’t know Carina, but that really does not matter. As there are many authors who will never arrive to our shelves in Portugal, so many Portuguese novels will not leave our country. And that’s a shame. Carina and I have been working together (when I mean work I mean she writes, I read) for almost two years and it has been an amazing collaboration. To see an author grow and work with them to help them improve is always good.

Elizabeth Hoyt

Even though her novels did not make my this year top, her books are very pleasant to read and she never seems to go wrong with her characters. I have read the Legend of the four soldiers this year and bought the Princess trilogy to read in 2015. Also she has the cutest dog ever, Miss Puppy Pie and we just can’t get enough of her.

Julia Quinn

I have read three novels from Julia Quinn this year and even though they started okayish, her novels have conquered me for their humour. Although Quinn is still far from being my favourite author this year, her novels did brighten up my days and I never found them dull. I hope to read more for her in the upcoming year.

Margaret Moore

My reading relationship with Moore started even less okayish. When I read the Welsheman’s bride I didn’t find it appealing and ended up giving 2stars. From that day on I can’t even consider Moore a guilty pleasure. I just love everything that she writes and I feel no guilt whatsoever. I know that if I want a good medieval romance I can grab one of her books and read them and I will love every singles one of them.

Vivian Winslow

Just like Carina Rosa, Vivian Winslow was a new author, she just started this year and while Kate Regnery already has at least thousands of reviews on GoodReads, Vivian Winslow is a small author who is still taking the first steps. Unlike Carina I did not have the chance to see the novels before they were published, I read the final product, but just like Carina, Winslow showed a lot of potential especially with her Dahlia trilogy. There are more novels to come in 2015 and I will be waiting for them. 

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