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By Adeselna Davies - 10:00

Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress
by Ann Lethbridge 
Mills & Boons Historical
288 pages
Published July 2010

When a mysterious woman holds him at gunpoint, Garrick Le Clere, Marquess of Beauworth, knows he's finally met his match! With her home lost to creditors, Lady Eleanor Hadley has been forced to take drastic steps. She's without hope--until the notorious rake offers a way out of her predicament....

Garrick soon discovers that his new mistress is a virgin, and a lady--with a dangerous secret life! But the pleasure she brings may be just what he needs to soothe the pain from his past.

Another free ebook! Hurray!
Now this one is for free and available @Kobobooks so you can go there and it’s only the Mills & Boons edition that is free, the other costs 4€ at least. I’ve had some mixed feelings about this one. On one hand I loved Lady Moonlight, she was lovely bold, fierce and a Lady who steals from lords to pay her debt to the creditors. Everything about her was telling me that I was going to adore this novel. The first part of the novel is quite charming, mainly when she kidnaps Garrick! Both have a thing going on and he sure looks captivated by that woman even if she tied him. That part was fine.
The rest, eh… not really. Garrick finds out that Lady Moonlight is Ellie and makes her an offer, she becomes his lover and he pays all her debts. While I am not against a woman agreeing to this on her own free will, it is a scumbag move and a cliché one. However, my feelings towards Garrick are mixed. He acts like a scumbag, but then begs for forgiveness and states what an asshole he’s being. I am not sure if I like him apologizing or if I prefer him not being a scumbag in the first place. Then Ellie becomes a victim, she is kidnapped and loses her initial strength. She seems to let her love for Garrick weaken her when it should only make her stronger.
As the first chapters promised so much, the other half of the book dragged and it reached a point where the author was all about quick drama and started to create small conflicts just to be solved in the next pages where there was no need. The last twenty pages were removable to be honest.
Nevertheless the second half of the book did not erase the fun part from the first one and even in the darkest moments, Lethbridge writing style is pleasant and her characters never reach a low point.

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