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By Adeselna Davies - 01:12

Reckless & Fearless
Forever duology
Priscilla West
Reckless was published on 4th August 2014
Fearless was published on 17th November 2014
Fearless provided by the author for an honest review

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Reckless | Fearless

This novel was an adventure, I started reading Fearless without realising that I had to read the first one: Reckless. I found it on my Kobo (I was like what sorcery is this?) and then I read it super quick. When I got home I realised it was the demo version…. Ohhhh. So I bought the first one, read it super quick and then I read Fearless. 

One thing that I felt was that the second one had a lot more fillers than the first one. While Reckless is more a typical love story with beginning, middle and cliff-hanger, the second one, Fearless, has a lot more drama and few steamy scenes. I never thought I would miss sex scenes, but Pepper (sorry, I love Riley’s nickname) and Jax’s love has lots of chemistry. Their interaction on Reckless was nearly perfect, so it is a bit sad that we suffer along with Pepper on this new novel. Jax is dealing with his troubles and he distances himself a lot. 
He does some crazy stuff that makes Riley worry about him. This is a more mature part of a relationship, the feelings are there, Jax is aware that he loves Riley and Riley also loves him but they have to cement the relationship and get over Jax’s past. There were some amazing scenes; the restaurant where they eat their food in the dark is where you see the couple’s chemistry and interaction at its best, also when they go hiking and they are alone the reader feels the tension but also the strength of their love and what draws them together.
The songs were also decent, I am not usually much into lyrics inside a novel but there were not plenty of them and they were in the right moments. 
The part where the POV changes and we get to see what Jax thinks – loved it. I wish there was more of that because although Riley is a decent narrator, Jax is more complex and he needed more time to let his voice be heard. Also I like bad boys so neither I can blame Riley, nor can I blame the drama for Jax’s past. The sex scenes were pretty wild and amazing and Jax is the guy you end up dreaming at night, he’s crazy, you think you can fix him because he’s broken and his love for you will save him, he sings like an angel, screws like a God and is very temperamental and you end up feeling on the edge and both secure and in danger all the time.
I am glad that he was cocky enough to be interesting but not a total idiot all the time and Pepper ended up telling him how stupid he was actually being, so it was nice that she had a bit of backbone to flip him off sometimes.
The Forever duology defines Priscilla West as an author to keep following. Her writing style is interesting enough, the plot instantly becomes an erotic page turner and her characters are broken enough for the reader to connect with them. While Reckless is the happy part of this duology and maybe more commercial, Fearless talks about you inner demons and the struggle to protect those you love most mostly from yourself. Everyone loves a great damaged hero and with Fearless, Jax could be the hero most women desire.

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