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Book Blitz | Winter Thrillz | T.L. Katt | Xpresso Book Tours

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Winter Thrillz
T.L. Katt
Publication date: December 2nd 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Two short paranormal romances: Tigress and Talons. Explore debut author T.L. Katt’s world of paranormal romance.
Jestin, in need of a vacation, takes a break to the mountains where strange events send him exploring the woods. What he finds changes his life forever.
It’s an ordinary day when Meg gets scooped up by a creature. She awakes in her own bed believing it was only a dream, until she finds puncture marks under her arms. In fear that she’s been injected with a virus, she flees to solve the mystery — finding much more.
This book is meant for mature audiences 18 and above.
“Oh, Miss Meg, you don’t look good. Your cheeks are flushed red like a tomato.” Elsa placed the coffee on the nightstand beside the bed and brought her hand to Meg’s forehead. Worry wrinkles creased her chocolate hairline and brow. “You’re burning up, and what are all those splotches on your legs and arms? We need to cool you down!” Elsa ran out of the room, leaving Meg to stare at her body covered in splashes of red inflamed skin. A fever and illness would explain the hallucinations she dreamt the night before.
Within minutes, Elsa returned with a cold cloth that she placed on Meg’s forehead. “This will cool you off while I draw your bath.” Like a small black whirlwind, Elsa had the bath water running and was slipping off Meg’s gown and lowering her into the tub of chilly oatmeal water. Meg knew better than to resist Elsa’s efforts and complied.
Shivering beneath the cold water brought her back to her dream and the frozen air. She could almost feel the large talons beneath her armpits and the acute pain the creature’s claw had caused. She brought her left hand instinctively to beneath her under arm and felt a hole the size of her pinky. She removed her hand and drew her arm up over her head. “Elsa, do you see anything?”
Elsa’s eyes grew twice their average size. “What happened?” she asked, bringing her fat fingers to the hole and rubbing gently across it. “Does it hurt?”
“No, it’s just a big hole. It feels like someone stuck me with a centimeter-sized needle.”
Elsa reached over and grabbed a vanity mirror off the counter and positioned it where Meg could see the hole. She stared at it, her mouth gaping with fear as she realized last night had not been a dream. She had been abducted by something that stuck her and most likely drugged her. She couldn’t go to the hospital with this, not after the disappearance of her husband and the mystery that surrounded the strange death of the man thought to have been guilty of murdering several people. No, she was a doctor and would take and analyze her own tox screen.
“Elsa, help me out of the tub, I have work to do!” Sensing the urgency of her tone, Elsa did as asked, against her own judgement. Meg was her friend but also her employer. Meg threw her bathrobe on and rushed through the house with lightning speed, not stopping as she yelled, “Tell Amy I had to leave town for a few days.” Her voice trailed off, leaving Elsa seated on the lip of the tub in a quandary.
As Meg sped through the house, she could feel the sun’s heat nipping at her skin even though a thin layer of snow covered the ground. She had no time to close the drapes to the many floor to ceiling windows that enclosed her home. She had fallen in love with the large amounts of sunlight that streamed in, giving the house a warm, cozy feel — but not now. Today, she hated the light and the tendrils of heat that ebbed across her exposed skin. With a speed far beyond her ability, she was but a mere flash streaking through the home.
In the basement, she tore through boxes of lab equipment; setting aside test tubes, needles, flasks, a hot plate, and microscope. She had used the equipment to analyze the sample her colleague and college dorm mate — now FBI lab rat — had collected from the sociopath’s blood. The sample had been small but enough to tell her the toxin he was injected with was unknown and deadly to him. When it interacted with his blood, within seconds the agent destroyed every blood cell in his body. It acted as a virus exploding each red blood cell from the inside out like over inflated balloons. Yet when she mixed the toxin with her own blood it mingled, restructuring the hemoglobin protein in a way that allowed it to carry more oxygen throughout the body.
Meg found the large bulging vein in her arm. Without hesitation, she withdrew a vial of blood.

Author Bio:
T.L. Katt lives in the south eastern U.S. with her two fur-children Crescent and Gibbous. She dabbles in graphic design, creating all her own covers, and writes stories that are more truth than fiction. Her favorite genres and writing preferences are paranormal and fantasy.


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Novidades da semana de 5 de Novembro a 11 de Dezembro

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Nas livrarias a 5 de Dezembro

Nas livrarias a 7 de Dezembro


Reedição nas livrarias a 7 de Dezembro

Book Blitz | Horribly Marvelous: The Diary Cyndi Victoria Chase | Troy CLE

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Cyndi Victoria Chase’s junior year was supposed to be about fun and getting into college while desperately dodging the pitfalls of being awkward and painfully self-conscious. All of that was derailed when the massacre of two of her Alonis Academy classmates marked the beginning of a local epidemic of missing and murdered people. That did not sit well with Cyndi, who is a highly imaginative girl living in her own “Naturally Augmented Reality.” She can flawlessly detect when someone is lying and people’s words come to life right in front of her eyes in multiple ways. She’ll develop even more powerful abilities and use the knowledge that she’ll gain by traveling to a distant galaxy to face off against the vicious trans-dimensional and intergalactic threat that has dropped chaos upon her life, school, and town.
This book is part of the Marvelous World series published by Simon and Schuster and Random House Listening Library.

What do you think is the most important element of “Horribly Marvelous: The Diary of Cyndi Victoria Chase?”
I believe that the book is fun because it uses the genres of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure, Action, and Comedy to set the stage that showcases Cyndi Victoria Chase’s voice. This is Cyndi's diary so it contains her truest thoughts on everything that happens to her such as dealing with being a highly unique junior at an elite prep school, discovering that she is at the center of a future intergalactic war, and having to travel to another galaxy to acquire the skills to defend her entire city from a heinous threat. In short, the character of Cyndi Victoria Chase is the most important element of this story.
Why do you believe Cyndi is such a strong and interesting character?
Cyndi has a very colorful background. She and her brother were kidnapped and the story of their survival and rescue became one of myth and legend. What no one knows is that Cyndi called upon the universe for help and it responded by granting her three wishes that she did not know she had. She used her wishes haphazardly and wound up with one useless and two useful superpowers. She cannot fly or move things with her mind, but the results of her powers allow her to flawlessly detect a lie and live in a “naturally augmented reality” where people's words come to life right in front of her eyes in multiple ways. Regardless, everything that she can do now is just the beginning of the powerful abilities she will eventually command to protect her friends, family, and the entire city.
Are you saying that Cyndi will eventually become a Super Hero?
Yes, in every sense of the word. It’s definitely clear that she’s headed down the path to become quite powerful. She will not realize her full potential in this book but she will in the future installments of the series. Ultimately, the fate of all things known and unknown will be in her hands.
Did you find it challenging to write from the perspective of a 16-year-old girl?
No, writing from varied perspectives is what writers do. Besides, I feel that writing can be a magical process. If a character is truly alive in your thoughts they seem to have the ability to write themselves. Cyndi is a bold and powerful character that just demands to make her presence known; she uses me as a conduit to pour herself out through my pen.
Why is “Horribly Marvelous: The Diary of Cyndi Victoria Chase” a novel that should be read? What makes it stand out?
The book stands out because Cyndi’s voice is so unique and funny. Her world is a surreal blast with something new happening at every turn. She'll find herself traveling to alternate dimensions and remote galaxies, falling in love, and becoming both a warrior and leader in an effort to defend her city from an intergalactic and trans-dimensional threat. Plus, there is legitimately no similar book out there.
What is the ultimate goal you hope to accomplish with this book?
This book's ultimate goal is to use Cyndi's one of a kind character and adventures to create a unique experience for the Young Adult audience. That accomplishment will establish Cyndi as a bold new Young Adult protagonist who readers want to follow everywhere.

Book Blitz | The Adventures of Natalie Bloom | Brooke Stanton | Xpresso Book Tours

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The Adventures of Natalie Bloom

Brooke Stanton

(Bloom Sisters, #2)
Publication date: December 2nd 2016
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

Natalie’s dreams are about to come true. She’s found the perfect spot for her new restaurant and a perfect business partner to make it happen – gorgeous Luke Hawker – until she discovers things are not as they seem. Luke has run off with her money, leaving her dreams crumbling around her.
With Max Euston – her friend and secret crush -alongside her, Natalie must race against the clock to find Luke and get the money back before it’s too late.
With twists and turns, Natalie won’t know who to trust (or love) until the very last page.

Here are some bonuses if you buy the book between Dec 2and Dec 6:

1: 75% off the retail price
2: entrance into an exclusive giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card
3: A FREE, advanced copy of The Downfall of Catie Bloom

The bonuses will be available in the table of contents under Bonus when you buy the eBook.
Q&A with Brooke Stanton
Tell us a little about yourself. 

When did you decide to become a writer?

I used to keep notebooks filled with short stories starting in middle school. If I’m going to be completely honest they were filled with some pretty risqué stories. I was young and didn’t know much about romance or sex, but my aunt wrote romance novels and I used to sneak and read them, so I tried to emulate her. I didn’t really understand the subject matter. I don’t think I’d even kissed a boy, yet. Once I got to high school, I wrote more mainstream fiction in my spiral notebooks. They were never for anyone to see. Just my own enjoyment. I went to a performing arts high school and funnelled my creativity on stage at the time. But I always knew one day I would publish a book.

Why do you write?
I write for the same reason I used to get on stage and sing and act. It’s cathartic. I love diving into different stories and characters. It makes me feel alive.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
To have the freedom to write what I want in many different genres. I hope my readers love my books as much as I love writing them.

What has been the hardest part of building your career?
Being patient!

Which writers inspire you?
Jojo Moyes, Emily Giffin, Meg Cabot. All their stories and characters are interesting and unique and I love how their stories unfold. The love stories feel authentic and there’s always a bit of fun and laughter.

What have you written? (Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest).
My debut novel was the award-winning RomCom, The Misadventures of Catie Bloom. My follow-up novel is The Advenutres of Natalie Bloom, which is the second book in the Bloom Sisters series (but can be read as a stand-alone). I have a blog on my website that focuses on my writing career with day-to-day life anecdotes. When I was trying to get preggers, I had a humor blog called Vagina Vacancy. I also contributed to Natural Awakenings magazine and wrote a column for

What inspires your ideas?
Everything! No, really. I never know when an idea is going to hit; I could be on a plane, in a car, watching a movie, reading the newspaper, about to fall asleep. My phone is filled with notes of story ideas. I have at least a dozen. And they will all be written.

Are there any correlations between the books you write and your life experiences?
The Adventures of Natalie Bloom was largely inspired by my yearly trips to Red Frog Beach in Panama. My parents own a place there and it’s a beautiful, unique, inspiring location. The wheels in my head were turning every time I went down there and out of that came this book.
My novel, How to Survive New York on Three Dates a Week (co-written by Corinne Barlow), is the most biographical. Most of the stories are pulled right from our lives. It’s scheduled to be released in early 2018.
All my books have a few anecdotes I took either directly from my life or my friends. If you know me, read carefully…you may find a bit of your life staring back at you!

Do you work from an outline or plot or do you prefer just to see where an idea takes you?
I used to write and see where the story took me. But I found writing for discovery without any kind of outline takes too long. Now I write a short outline before I write any book. It has done wonders for the speed in which I can write a book now. And there’s still a lot to discover, even with an outline.

Tell me about your most recent release.
It’s a romantic adventure about discovering what you and what you’ll do (and won’t do) to get. It’s a bit of romance, adventure, and mystery all tied together. Natalie Bloom discovers to get what she wants she has to fight for it and not be afraid to get hurt…a hard thing to do for all of us.
Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers will grasp? I don’t focus on a message as much as I focus on giving my readers something to indulge in, like sneaking a pint of rocky road ice cream and savouring every morsel as it slides down. But the most prominent theme in Natalie Bloom is not letting fear get in the way of living your life – stand up for what you want and go out and get it, no matter what the obstacles.

Any new projects we should look out for?
The third and final book in the series, The Downfall of Catie Bloom, is coming out in the summer of 2017.


After her own misadventures in New York City, LA, and London, Brooke Stanton now lives in sunny South Florida. She’s an award-winning author who has contributed to Natural Awakenings Magazine, wrote a column for, and is the author of The Bloom Sisters series. Visit her website


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Apresentação do livro "A Célula Adormecida" de Nuno Nepomuceno

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O blog esteve presente no lançamento do livro "A Célula Adormecida" do autor Nuno Nepomuceno, que se realizou na tarde de quanta-feira, dia 30 de Novembro, na Fnac do Centro Comercial Colombo.
O Lançamento contou com a presença do Imã da Mesquita de Lisboa, Sheikh David Munir, assim como de Luís Pinto, do blog Ler y Criticar.

Não vou falar muito do livro, só mesmo referir que o mesmo começa com um atentado terrorista em Lisboa, e que o primeiro-ministro aparece morto... Ao mesmo tempo que uma jornalista é raptada em Istambul. É a partir desta premissa que a história nos é contada e somos lançados nas folhas de um livro electrizante, que acontece nas ruas de Lisboa, cidade que conhecemos, onde andamos como se o perigo não nos pudesse "bater à porta".
Se me perguntarem se li o livro? Não, mas falei com quem já o leu e ouvi as palavras ditas no lançamento pelo Nuno e por quem estava presente, só sei que será uma próxima leitura, e ainda espero que o Pai Natal me ofereça o livro!
Porém mesmo sem ler recomendo a sua comprar, não só pela história tão actual, como para assim o livro chegar à terceira edição, isto porque já se encontra na segunda, algo que tenho que dar os parabéns tanto ao Nuno, como à equipa que o rodeai, que tem feito um excelente trabalho!

Para finalizar, deixo em baixo um pouco da apresentação, nada melhor como o próprio Nuno a falar do livro, assim como o Imã da mesquita de Lisboa!

Boas leituras...